I’m Shari and this is my fiance Dominic. We, along with our pack of six, are 6 Pack Pet Supplies! Our family formed in 2017 and we have been livin' on 40 acres and a dream ever since.

In early 2022 we decided to follow our passion of animals and use it as fuel to kickstart a dream we shared of opening our OWN pet store! We wanted a store filled with products that our family would love and enjoy, while cutting out all the mess of fancy marketing campaigns and ad strategies.

6 Pack Pet Supplies was created with a simple thought in mind, "The things our pets love." They’ve become our entire world and we all want to give them the best life possible. We designed this store with dogs and cats of all sizes in mind so you can spoil our fur babies of any size or shape, ranging from Bear to Layla



First to join the pack was our 170lb giant baby Bear. In June of '18 we came across a social media post trying to find a home for a pair of 5 month old puppies, Bear and Jules. We had just moved into our first house together and when we saw their adorable faces, we knew they would be a perfect fit for us. We knew Bear was going to be big but we did not expect how big. Nevertheless he grew into a gentle giant who protects his pack diligently. He is the most dependable dog we have. Bear always comes through when you need him.

Jules (Juliet)

Juliet came to us at the same time as Bear, and originally she was adopted by our roommate. About a year after adopting them, our worlds flipped upside down and we all had to move. Unfortunately, our roomate wasn’t able to take Jules with him and we couldn’t bare separating her from her brother, so Jules became the Princess of our pack. Being the Mom of the group is no small task but Jules was ready, willing and able! From keeping Bella and Tucker from getting to hyper, to showing her much larger brother who is truly in charge, Jules' word is LAW and not to be questioned. This is her world and we are just living in it.


Tucker is the tough guy of the house, and gets paid handsomly in treats for being our very own Home Security Force. He joined are pack one day while I was at work, Dominic went to a pet store that happened to be having an adoption event. While walking around he noticed this tiny, 5-pound puppy huddled up in the corner of a kennal all alone. One look at him, and Dominic knew he had to come home with us! From day one Tucker has been a mommas boy and of course I wouldn't have him any other way!


Layla owes her name to the title of the legendary Derek and The Dominos classic, "Layla." The first feline of the family. One of my best friends had an outdoor cat, which I absolutely adored. Naturally, when she gave birth to kittens I was EXTREMELY excited and was instantly obsessed with one little kitten in particular. After a ton of planning and prep. we decided it was time to add an inside pet to the FurFamily. We brought her home and as we suspected, she made the perfect addition from the start, little did we know the attitude that could come from such a tiny ball of fur. This DIVA has a knack for breaking hearts and minds on a daily basis. One minute she allows you to pet her once or twice, the next she will no longer acknowledge your existance but with eyes like hers...who can blame her?

"Mustang" Sally

The mighty Mustang Sally, our wild child. After Layla we decided the family was just about big enough, little did we know a tiny warrior would show up to turn our world upside down. One night a friend called and said they had a tiny kitten that had been stuck in the engine bay of there Ford Mustang! Remarkably she came out unscathed and without an ounce of fear in her heart. She needed a home and after saying no at the start their was an instant connection the first time we met. She ran straight into our arms and we knew we had found the perfect last piece of our crazy puzzle. So, most of our stories go we brought this tiny little kitten into our home and she has now grown into a 5lb Tazmanian Devil who keeps us all young and ALERT. Apart from the craziness she also happens to be the sweetest most loving member of our family as well as the TOP CUDDLER of the bunch.